Hi Tina & Tom

I would just like to say "Thank You" for your wonderful product "Propolis Plus". Also for your continued support to me in answering my request for your product throughout the year!

Your product has given me much relief and continues to control the eczema that I have around my neck area. I have for the past 10 years been to Doctors - Family Physician also (2) Dermatological with many different prescriptive ointments and creams costing hundreds of dollars with NO relief! The prescribed creams were clinically too strong and smelled equally as bad, all which did not give me any relief from the dryness and itching – in fact only made my scalp more dry and worse off.

I was introduced to your product at the Bala Farmers’ Market and was amazed at the wonderful relief that I got immediately after applying the ointment! I am a testament to your product that it does work to keep the skin soft, not irritable with no scale build-up to my scalp and neck. Also I would like to add that the scent is fresh and not clinical which is very appealing to myself and others.

Thank You Again,
Carol L., Port Carling ON