Tom and Paul working with the bees in the home yard.


Liquid Raw Honey

Did you know that a hive of bees has to fly 55,000 miles to make one pound honey? Our liquid raw honey is a blend from all of our bee yards. Colour and taste changes throughout the year. Usually, the honey is lighter early in the season and becomes darker as different plants come to blossom. Delightful in tea, on toast, in baking or straight out of the jar.


Liquid Honey500g Price: $10.00
1L Price: $17.00


Creamed Raw Honeys 

Most honeys will granulate (crystalize) eventually, and since that granulation may not produce the kind of smooth creamy product our customers have come to love, we seed our liquid honey with finely granulated honey and churn it together before packing. The seed starts a chain reaction of rapid granulation within the honey, resulting in honey referred to as 'creamed'. Spreading like butter, it has a never-ending shelf life when kept at room temperature.

crm hon500g Price: $10.00
1L Price: $17.00


Honey Ginger

Our raw honey and imported root ginger combines all the health benefits and distinctive tastes of each. Use in tea, baking, salad dressings, dipping chicken or glazing ham. Treat yourself to a spoonful on its own for therapeutic benefits. Honey, as well as ginger helps the body absorb vitamin supplements up to 30%.

ging hon300g Price: $11.00


Honey Fudge Sauce

We blended dark African cocoa into Tom's wildflower honey, added a lick of butter, a dash of salt and hint of espresso coffee. Serve warm over ice cream, create a wicked hot chocolate, or eat straight out of the jar for an afternoon perk-up. M-M-M-M

hon fud300g Price: $9.00


Honey Mustard

Hot mustard and wildflower honey at its delicate best. Lightly laced with rice vinegar, garlic and sea salt, this mandatory condiment adds zip and taste to meats, breads and sauces.

must300g Price: $9.00


Wedding Honey

Now you can offer your guests this traditional symbol of love. A simple ribbon tied around the top and a personalized label commemorating your special occasion will add a warm and creative touch to your wedding.

NOTE: Labels and ribbon are not included. We use Avery 08460 labels for the 45ml hex jars.

wedding45ml Price:
(20 - 49)
$4.20 (50 - 99)
$4.00 (100+)

110ml Price:
(20 - 49)
$5.75 (50 - 99)
$5.50 (100+)


Mindfully produced . . . naturally!